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TestMe™ is a fun and entertaining way to learn and retain important knowledge from the information locked away in all your learning materials.

You might think that you're gaining all the right factual information from study notes, textbooks or company policies, but do they contain everything you really need to know?

Teachers can try out their lesson content and learners can test their knowledge, all while your personal AI 'study-buddy' gets better every minute at teaching you how to learn.

If you want to be sure you’ll be getting your facts right, get TestMe today.

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Discover more
Discover more

Learn and really remember essential facts, concepts and theories in minutes

Quiz Creation Engine(coming soon) - Our AI creates tests from your own study materials on the fly

Say goodbye to multiple choice - answer in your own words

'Advisory Marking' (coming soon) - TestMe™ tells you where in your notes it found the answer.

Learn the right answers and discover why they are correct.

Fancy a quick challenge?

Try out our industry-first ‘warts and all’ early-stage app. Select one of the tests below, create an account and enjoy. You can also try a number of other tests ready to challenge your knowledge across a range of subjects.

About TestMe

TestMe is built to help you learn by asking sets of questions and provides feedback for any wrong answers you might give. TestMe™ is an invaluable tool for exercises such as exam preparation – it helps ensure that you have understood essential information, and that your study notes ‘make sense’ to the AI study buddy. You can create and share tests amongst colleagues, friends and family – for work, for study or just for fun.

TestMe™ teaches you how to learn about the content of your own notes, documents and coursework. You can upload your content easily (coming soon) and keep taking tests about it until you’ve scored 100%. And again if you want!

If you want to be sure you’ll be getting the best from your learning resources, get TestMe today!

Learn in a Flash #LearnInAFlash

Who is TestMe for?

The Class Teacher

Marcus, an early TestMe™ beta user and class teacher in Ohio, uploaded his 9th Grade English Language lesson notes, created a test, and within a few minutes shared it amongst 20 students.  Homework assignments suddenly became easy for teachers to create and fun for students to take.

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The Lone Crammer

We’re talking personal study time turbocharged. Even complex papers can be uploaded, and questions created from them, but if the question / answer pair isn't obvious, go back and look again, maybe edit those resources to find where the facts are locked away. Imagine that Javier is about to take his ACT biology subject test.

But instead of those endless multiple choice prep questions,
TestMe™ accepts Javier’s answers in free text, in natural language, composed in his own words. If the answer is wrong, Javier can go back and check through his notes to find out where he'd put the misleading or inaccurate info.

In no time, Javier learns not only the correct answers to science questions, but WHY they are correct. It’s the best way to learn since chalk was invented!

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The Sales Manager

Sarah, a beta-user sales manager from Austin, TX, used TestMe™ to create tests for all her salespeople - to ensure that they know everything required about the products they’re selling. Not only do employees learn what they need to know, but Sarah can use any 'off beam' Q&A pairs to revisit her teaching material to check that it really makes sense. Remember, if your facts in your resources make sense to the AI – it will certainly be clear enough for an employee or student to learn from it.

TestMe™ is a quick, efficient and fun way for employees to get up to speed with essential company knowledge in no time.

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Why TestMe?

Psychologists have proven time and time again that the best way to learn is by positive reinforcement. Having an AI study-buddy to help you along makes you feel supported in your learning journey. But remember that our AI is always learning too, so by interacting with the content of the tests that are created for you, you are teaching the AI to learn, just as it does for you. It's like human and machine in perfect harmony, an online friend in need who will never let you down.

Every time you get a question right, that feel-good factor helps you remember the content so that the facts stay locked in your mind. If you get a question wrong,
TestMe™ suggests the correct answer on the spot, so you can go check- then next time you take the test you’ll be more likely to succeed.

The process of
test > repeat > improve > 100% Pass is known by educators to be the best way of committing important information to long-term memory.

Got an exam coming up? Upload a study guide and have our AI put you through your paces. Whether it’s for anything like driving tests, spelling bees, checklists of important tasks or whatever, the best way to sharpen the memory is a good few
TestMe™ sessions!

A Different Way to be Tested

Our Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithms ‘read’ the contents of any documents you upload, then (after beta) create questions from the content. You can choose to create tests of different lengths - there is no time limit to answer, and you don’t have to share your results if you don’t want to.

There’s no multiple choice – you say or type answers in natural language and the AI uses your responses to judge how to teach you better. The really unique part about
TestMe™ is the Q&A generation of question and answer pairs in open-ended natural language, based on information that is fed into the app. If the question that is created for you doesn't seem to be relevant, go back to the source material to find out why... you'll find that teaching our AI to learn makes you much more aware of the content you are studying. It's a win / win for you and your faithful AI buddy all the way.

Rather than the limitations of multiple-choice quizzes and inflexible marking, our next-gen solution supports freeform answers, enabling users to converse through their own device and submit answers in whichever format is most convenient.

TestMe™ app is for anyone wishing to learn about anything from any resources that they can upload. With a competitive gamified edge and social media sharing, TestMe™ will keep you interested and engaged throughout your studying journey.  You can choose to share your progress with others, maybe within schools and study groups.

Remember, AI technology is THE new way that people will learn for generations to come, by using our app you are forming a band of true pioneers, because the more Big Data the AI can learn from all its users, the faster, smarter and more efficient it gets. By working with a
TestMe™ study buddy today, you're helping future generations to learn even more efficiently. That's a feel-good factor right there, learn better, study better, feel better!


Sign up and create an account in moments

Choose any documents from your phone or computer – either copy-paste or drag and drop into the Quiz Creation Engine™ (coming soon)

Wait a minute or two while the AI catches up on its reading...

Choose the number of questions you’d like in your test, along with your pick of the best questions that the AI has created

Take the test yourself and / or share it amongst your friends, colleagues and family to compete for Today's Test Champ (TTC).

*Beta pricing subject to change
Create test = 4SFX. Take your own test = free. Make your test public = 4SFX. Take a public test = 2SFX.

Pricing & Plans

All new Beta users get a free trial, so sign up right now for this limited time offer.

Tests are powered by tokens (
sfx). You buy tokens* and pay for tests with them. For now, our Beta tester offer means that Beta members get their first 20 tokens free, then each test costs less than 20 cents. You can also allow your friends, family and colleagues to take tests that you create - can they beat your score?

TestMe is the most fun you can have while being a serious learner - and it's a steal! Join today and #TestYourBrainsOut!

20SFX for $1 (save $4)

105SFX for $5 (save $20)

215SFX for $10 (save $40)

Larger packages are also available in app.

Any Questions?

TestMe is a fun and entertaining way to use natural language to learn and retain important knowledge from the information locked away in all your learning materials.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

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