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TestMe is a fun and entertaining way to use natural language to learn and retain important knowledge. If you have any questions, please complete the form below.

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Why TestMe?

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Helps your class / team gain up-to-date knowledge.

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Transfers knowledge from top students or employees to everyone else.

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Measures learners' knowledge and growth in real-time.

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Provides insight into areas of weakness across all learners and thereby informs instruction and training.

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Helps to develop knowledge.

Fancy a quick challenge?

Try out our industry-first ‘warts and all’ early-stage flash-card creator app. Create an account, select a test and try our flash-card system, at first just for fun. Then have a go at creating your own tests - building Q&A pairs from resources that you upload to your account.

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Enabling people to learn at their own pace in a safe environment is a TestMe core facility.

In the corporate field

Product specifications, service agreements and company policies change all the time. Your employees need to know every detail of what they’re trying to sell – such information is almost always factual, and mentally recalling those facts, when it counts, in meetings and calls, is paramount.

We also know that preparing product and service training material can be difficult. It’s a long-winded process; often by the time everything has been collated, the information may have become obsolete.

TestMe creates efficient and enjoyable assessments in the form of series of flashcards. It’s a remarkably effective and engaging way for employees to learn everything they need to know - just as it’s a very quick and efficient way of producing training material from unordered resources.

As soon as the test is good to go, simply share it amongst your team using a one-click process, and soon you will see from the leaderboards who’s the company expert and who needs to do some fast learning!

Staff can re-take tests as many times as they like until they are totally confident that they have retained everything they need to know.

In the field of education

We know that knowledge today becomes obsolete faster than we are able to learn and understand what is presently considered relevant dominant discourse. Being able to update oneself with the most current and relevant knowledge is paramount for any learner.

We also know that preparing for quizzes, tests, and exams can often be challenging and time constraining. Being able to upload your notes and study materials and test yourself will make this process easy and effective.

TestMe creates Q&A flash cards from your study materials enabling you to learn in a fast and fun way.

You can create a test, choose the Q&As that you prefer, take the test and then share it with others. You can also determine who is most proficient by checking the leaderboards for the top scores. You can work alone or collaborate with others depending on your most preferred learning style.

Retake tests as often as you need to achieve the proficiency you desire.

TestMe works on any device, so users can test themselves on the train, on the way to a meeting, at their desk or when working from home.

Learn in a Flash #LearnInaFlash

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Why TestMe?

Psychologists have proven time and time again that the best way to learn is by positive reinforcement.
Having an AI learning assistant to help your salespeople or any external-facing employees makes them feel supported and confident. People take pride in doing their jobs well, so when they know absolutely everything they should to perform at the top of their game, that’s usually what they do. Salespeople can close more deals, and contact center staff can handle calls more efficiently, because when people feel like winners, they achieve more for themselves and the business.

This is truly groundbreaking technology using our patent-pending AI, which is always learning too, so by your staff interacting with the content of the tests that you create, you are teaching the AI to build better tests constantly. When you delete a flashcard that doesn’t hit the spot, the TestMe AI learns from your feedback, and will try to create a better test the next time.

It's like human and machine in perfect harmony, an online corporate training machine that never takes time off and has an infinite amount of patience with even the slowest learner.

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How It Works

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Set up your account, invite your class / team, and add documents to TestMe in minutes.

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Create a test, select documents and our AI will automatically create question-answer pairs for you to review.

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Wait a minute or two while the AI catches up on its reading...

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Customize your questions by editing, changing, adding or deleting the generated flashcards, and deciding the number and the order you want them in. Users can also edit the 5 tags generated by the system for each flash card.

Bullet icon indicating notifications

Select which class / team to share the test with and they’ll be notified that there is a test for them to take.

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Your class / team will enjoy taking the test, because they answer in natural language and they can see how well they’ve scored compared to their colleagues / peers.

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Your dashboard will tell you how many times each individual took a test and how they scored each time, including rich analytics such as gap analysis and knowledge audits.

How It Works

Our Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithms ‘read’ the contents of any documents you upload, then create Q&A pairs from it. You can choose to create tests of different lengths - there is no time limit for employees to answer, and their results appear on the team leaderboard for that particular test.

Managers only have to copy and paste the very latest information from brochures, data sheets, policy manuals or any appropriate resources into the TestMe flashcard creation engine. Within a couple of minutes, a series of Q&A pairs (flashcards) will have been created for you by our AI. You then decide how many flashcards you want to use in the test by deleting any that you don’t need. Next, take the test yourself to ensure that you’re happy with the results.

Users type answers in natural language and the AI interprets them as correct, partially correct or incorrect. The really unique part about TestMe™ is the Q&A generation of question and answer pairs in open-ended natural language, based on information that is fed into the app. If the question that is created for you doesn't seem to be relevant, go back to the source material to find out why... you'll find that teaching our AI to teach you, makes you much more aware of the content you are creating for your employees.

TestMe is a quick, efficient and fun way for employees to get up to speed with essential company knowledge in no time.

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*Beta pricing subject to change
Create test = 4SFX. Take your own test = free. Make your test public = 4SFX. Take a public test = 2SFX.

TestMe is Free

Plans from $10 per user, per month.

Each business plan allows a free trial for the account owner, to upload content, generate flash cards (Q&A pairs) to and then create tests. We can also cater for multiple user accounts, where tests can be shared amongst salespeople and employees, just use our pricing calculator to get a quote.

TestMe™ is the most efficient and engaging tool for serious learning - and it's a steal!

Join today and #LearnInaFlash!

20SFX for $1 (save $4)

105SFX for $5 (save $20)

215SFX for $10 (save $40)

Save up to 17%
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Save up to 17%
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Ideal for classes & teams of all sizes
Nothing to pay
  • Invite as many class / team members as you like to TestMe

  • Up to 4,000 flashcards per person / per month

  • SaaS application that works on all devices

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TestMe is a fun and entertaining way to use natural language to learn and retain important knowledge. If you have any questions, please complete the form below.

Thank you for your inquiry.

A member of our team will be in contact shortly.
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